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Alopecia Solutions

The all new feather-weight NuTech is the most natural-looking, easily maintained prosthesis available today! Through dedicated research and development, the innovators of the NuTech vacuum prosthesis have pioneered a superior transparent foundation, using its exclusive DermaVac process, that contours naturally with the head. NuTech provides a snug but pleasantly comfortable fit. Each prosthesis is hand-crafted to produce the closest look and feel to a natural head of hair for all men, women and children.

All hairstrands are hand tied (not machine-injected).

Thinner and lighter than other soft or hard bases, NuTech contours beautifully to the individual's head, while suction provides a secure and comfortable fit.Hygienically, NuTech is as easy to care for as natural hair.Remarkably imperceptible to both sight and touch, the translucent base looks and feels like a second skin.Only the finest human hair is meticulously selected by color, texture, hair density, length, and movement, and is custom-crafted to the highest standards.

The result is the most natural-looking,
hair replacement available anywhere.


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