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Derma-Graftx Invisi-Lace

This innovative development focuses on the re-creation of the look and feel of natural growing hair. Undetectable refined hairlines are now possible with this marvelous technique. Developed for the Hollywood industry ... under bright lights and camera lenses that notice every little detail, this marvelous innovation is a superior solution not only for a Hollywood actor, but anyone that wants the most natural look possible!

We call it "the most incredible hairline that you ever will NEVER SEE!" * We Want You to Try Our Technology for FREE - a 15 day Free Trial

Imagine a technology so advanced that you can try it FREE for 15 days with no investment on your part! That's how sure we are that you will absolutely love this totally natural technology!

Unbelievable heads of hair so natural that even under the closest inspection, it becomes virtually invisible! We are so confident that the newest technology will be just like having your hair back that we are making this unprecedented offer:

"If at the end of your 15 day free trial you are completely thrilled, purchase it. Otherwise, return it ... walk away and owe nothing!" It's that simple!

• We service all attachments and bonds from any company that you are currently using.

• "Club Members" will find our prices to be lower and our quality to be more superior.

• FREE SERVICE ... We invite you in for a free full service visit so you can experience our excellent staff first hand.



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Frustrated with Your Hair or Hair Replacement?

We are so confident that our non-medical procedure will be just like having your own hair back,
we're making this unprecedented offer. Try it ABSOLUTELY FREE for 15 days.

At the end of your FREE trial, if your completely thrilled, purchase it.
Otherwise, walk away and owe nothing! It's that simple.
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