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Some Imperfections Are Only Skin Deep!

Epidermex™ Skin Treatment

Rediscovering Beautiful Skin


This painless procedure allows patients to relax while listening to soft music. The only thing better than the relaxation during the procedure is the results it provides.


The Epidermex™ skin renewal treatment is approximately one hour long and is currently the most advanced and effective non-surgical treatment to safely remove imperfections in the skin and promote younger looking skin. The popularity of this treatment encompasses a wide range of uses from removing acne scars to a very effective Anti-Aging treatment.

Some companies advertise "Introductory microdermabrasion treatments that consist of a 15-20 minute "spot" treatment. These "spot treatments" are not effective, can be painful, and can be a waste of your investment. In addition, Some clinics also believe "No Pain, No Gain". Microdermabrasion is a progressive treatment that was never intended to be painful.

With Epidermex™ you can have naturally healthy skin without harsh chemicals or lasers. This exclusive 5-step process combines a series of treatments including Microdermabrasion. Epidermex™ is a safe and effective treatment that will gently remove imperfections in the skin. Epidermex treatments are painless, can be used on all skin types and has no down time or risks of complications.

Microdermabrasion itself was FDA approved over 5 years ago in the United States. Although in its infantile stages in the U. S., microdermabrasion has been a form of skin rejuvenation that has been widely practiced in Europe for over 15 years and is rapidly becoming the most requested skin care treatment in the world. The Epidermex™ skin treatment utilizes a 5-step process. A cleansing phase, an aspiration phase, a mechanical exfoliation phase, topical solution phase focusing on product absorption into the dermis tissue, and a penetrating sunscreen massage. The Epidermex™ treatment removes impurities and epidermal imperfections. The multifunction procedure stimulates and restores circulation, providing new energy for healthy epidermal tissue growth. Skin is constantly exposed to pollution, wind, sun and smoke and other elements. Epidermex™ helps you combat these factors leaving your skin feeling clean, fresh, tighter and well-oxygenated. A series of treatments can produce superb anti-aging results.



How The Procedure Works

The aspiration process prepares your skin by gently vacuuming the skin's surface, which increases circulation. Next, microcrystals are sprayed onto the skin's surface exfoliating dead and unwanted cells. The microcrystals, along with the abraded cells, are then aspirated into a collection chamber. These phases of the process encourages blood circulation to the treated area, promoting healthy tissue replacement.



What Are The Benefits?

After the treatment your skin has a healthy glow, and feels smoother, silkier and rejuvenated. Epidermex™ works on improving skin tone and restoring the skin's elasticity and clarity. Unlike traditional dermabrasion or chemical peeling, Epidermex™ is done progressively instead of aggressively allowing for repeat treatments if necessary to be scheduled every 14-21 days until the patient's desired outcome is achieved. This virtually painless process can be performed on all skin types and tones, with no possibility of scarring or hypo pigmentation.


"Before" Current receiving treatment
"After 4 treatments"



You can have naturally healthy skin without harsh chemicals.
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