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Hair Removal

As technologies continue to advance, Laser Hair Removal is now becoming an antiquated technology by many professionals in the field. The new Pulsed-Light Hair Removal system employs interchangeable hand pieces that offer the patented "Photon-Recycling" process providing more efficient treatments.

The new interchangeable hand pieces range in size from a small surface area to much larger surface areas to treat larger areas such as legs, backs and shoulders faster, and more comfortably than the laser devices on the market today.

Most lasers project a high amount of energy out of a very small surface area which can cause increased discomfort and may require topical numbing creams to try and lessen the discomfort. Due to the small size of the surface area of the laser hand piece, the operator is required to pulse the client up to ten times more than the client that is receiving his/her treatments from a pulsed-light provider.

In summary, the new Pulsed-Light devices do not require any topical numbing creams, are said to provide more efficient, more comfortable, and much faster treatments than the lasers.

Palomar Pulsed Light System A Permanent Alternative....
Pulsed-Light-Systems (PLS) work by emitting pulses of intense lamplight into the hair follicles. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the follicles and converted to heat. The heat then loosens the hair and disables the cells responsible for growing new hair.

Traditional waxing and threading treatments, which essentially rip the hair from the skin, can be quite painful. Most people, however, find the PLS to be significantly more comfortable. In addition, since the pulses of light penetrate the skin, you do not need to let your hair grow out before you are treated. With PLS treatments, you can remain virtually hair-free all the time!

Super-Fast Treatments The Palomar Pulsed-Light-System
is 10 times faster than any laser!

Thanks to its advanced, technology, PLS system works several times faster than other light-based hair removal systems. A woman's legs or a man's back can be treated in less than thirty minutes, and smaller areas - such as the underarms, upper lip or bikini line - can be treated in even less time!


The Pulsed-Light-System … Fastest in the World!
Typical Laser
PLS Treatments
Legs or Back About 45-60 min. 45-90 min. About 30 min.
Bikini Line or Underarms About 20 min. 20-45 min. About 15 min.
Chin or Upper Lip About 15 min. 15-30 min. About 10 min.

Back Hair Removal Using the Palomar Pulsed Light Systems
Pre-Treatment Six months after seven
pulsed-light treatments
Pre-Treatment Three week post one treatment





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