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Ultratress Hair Extensions

You Want More From Hair Extensions Than Length Alone.
Ultratress is How You Get it.

Ultratress is more than ordinary hair extensions. So it lets you do more than you can with ordinary hair extensions.

Ultratress adds volume, too.

Want longer hair? Sure, Ultratress II can do that. So can ordinary hair extensions. But if your hair is too thin or too flyaway or too limp or too damaged from all the things you've done to try to make your hair better, Ultratress II can help. Where ordinary hair extensions can't.

Goes where extensions can't.

The difference? Ultratress II utilizes a different method of application. This allows the Ultratress II hair to be placed higher up on the scalp and temples, which allows you to alter your hair's volume, not just its length.

What would you like to change?

What about your hair would you like to make different? Its thickness, its volume, the way it falls, its weight, its length? Then just ask. Because Ultratress II makes it all possible.


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