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Women's Hair Solutions

Hair Restoration Leads to Both Inner and Outer Beauty.

Premature hair loss can cause feelings of unattractiveness, leading to low self-esteem and even emotional distress. Having a great-looking head of hair, on the other hand, can give you the feeling of confidence that is essential to your sense of well-being. When you feel attractive on the outside, your perception of yourself is more positive both internally and externally. It's not about being a fashion model or being the best looking. It's about looking your best. Finding a natural, long-term solution to your hair loss will restore a lot more than just your appearance.

What Causes Hair Loss?

While there are a variety of causes for premature hair loss, by far the most common is inherited hair loss - also known as Female Pattern Hair Loss. Alopecia, chemotherapy, systemic disorders, and everyday common stress can also be factors. For centuries the finest researchers have been in search of the ultimate solution to inherited hair loss . . . a cure. Though none has yet been found, let's look more closely at some of the available options.

Are There Any Miracle Cures Out There?

By miracle cure we mean any dietary supplement, vitamin, lotion or shampoo that will either grow new hair or stop the hair loss process. Does such a thing exist? You would think so given the number of products whose advertisements make such claims. But, in fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has only approved one hair loss remedy, Rogaine® for the treatment of pattern hair loss for women. However, as the next section will show, you shouldn't expect any miracles with Rogaine®, either. Topical Treatments Rogaine®, whose generic is Minoxidil, was originally used to treat high blood pressure. It was discovered that Minoxidil could cause hair growth as a side effect when applied topically. However, noticeable re-growth only occurs in a small percentage of individuals. In fact, studies by Rogaine's® manufacturer, Upjohn, indicate that less than 1% of individuals studied experience marked re-growth of hair after 240 applications of the drug. In addition, it's important to note that Rogaine® is not effective in the front hairline area, only on the crown of the head, and if use of the drug is halted, any newly generated hair quickly falls out.

The point is there are no miracle cures. Nearly all men and women who begin losing their hair have the same initial inclination: If they try every hair growth formula they can find, eventually they'll find one which magically restores the lost hair. Unfortunately, these lotions and potions have affected far too many wallets and too few scalps.

Non-Surgical Hair Systems for Women.

For many women with moderate to mature thinning areas, non-surgical hair replacement appears to be the best option available. Thousands of hairs can be integrated with your own healthy hair. Today's technology allows us to duplicate your thinning area by creating a foundation membrane which is porous and breathable, so air, water, and perspiration can pass freely through it.

This membrane becomes the support system in which individual hairs matched to your own in color and texture will be inserted in order to re-create the head of hair you truly desire. This process can permanently restore your hair with 100% human hair. This "New" non-surgical method allows you to utilize your existing hair and add new hair to fill in the thinning areas.

The Next Step.

You've taken the first step by finding the information on these pages. If you're comfortable about what you've found here, give us a call. Whether you've just started experiencing hair loss or have been thinning for some time, we can help. Unfortunately, hair loss problems rarely go away if left untreated.

Proven methods of hair loss correction, however, are readily available, and there is no cost just to come in and explore the options. We'll assist you in learning about those options and help you regain that great feeling that goes along with having a wonderful head of hair.
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